Kindergarten Remote Learning Hub
Welcome Kindergarteners and Families!

Week 2: Google Slide Lessons

This week, we have new Slides for Math, Reading, and Writing. We also have a second Kindergarten Slides deck with optional science activities and more. Parents and caregivers, remember that your child will need support to read instructions, record answers, and complete activities.

Student Attendance: Sign in for your child every morning by 9am.

Week 2: Liz's Kindergarten

Week 2: Taz's Kindergarten

Week 2: Bonus! Studies in Science and More!

Digital Resources

Check out these platforms we will use.

Community Projects - A Slides deck with projects shared by members of our Kindergarten community. Email your projects to your classroom teacher!

Zoom - Check your email for information on class meetings. You don't need an account to join our meetings!

Youtube - Liz's Channel and Taz's Channel - We have posted favorite song playlists and will be looking into using our channels to host instructional videos and messages to parents and children.

Storyline Online - One way we will assign read alouds is with these videos read by award-winning and notable actors. Feel free to enjoy on your own. 

National Geographic Kids - A resource for games, videos, and animal facts and images.